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King Penguins

o This post is  about  King penguins.They are the second largest type of penguins in the world . They grow to be 28 to 39 inches tall. They weigh 20 to 40 pounds. They eat fish, krill and squid. They can… Continue Reading →

Little Blue Penguins

         This post is about Little Blue penguins. Like all penguins the Little Blue panguin can not fly Little Blue’s eat fish, squid, krill and crustations. They have lots of predators like are leopards seals, killer whales, weasels, lizards’… Continue Reading →

Rockhopper Penguins

This post is about Rockhopper penguins. Like all other penguins the Rockhopper can not fly. They live in the Falkland islands. Rockhoppers have funny yellow feathers sticking out of their head and red eyes. They also have orange feet and… Continue Reading →


This post is about penguins. Penguins can live in different places not just Antarctica, like the Falkland islands or Galapagos islands. There are 17 different types of penguins. The chicks can not go in  the water or else they will… Continue Reading →

Why I Chose My Header

I chose this header because I like penguins. We are studying penguins at school. My favorite type of penguin is the Rockhopper penguin. This blog will be mostly about Antarctica and penguins, so I didn’t choose a Rockhopper as the… Continue Reading →

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